What are Technology Solutions?
Technology solutions are the solutions you need to keep your company growing, and to help you work better, faster, smarter,and more cost effectively. Each company has its own needs, and we can help you determine yours. Need more workstations? We can help. Moving? We can set up your cabling to help ease the transition. Need videoconferencing, high speed communications, or data transfer? Give us a call, and we will help you decide which solutions are the ones YOU need. Because it is only a solution if it solves YOUR problem.
What is the Cloud/Cloud Computing?
In simplest terms, the Cloud is a system, which allows users to store, access, and manage their data from anywhere. For busy people, who can't always be at a desk, it's a way to take the office with them.
How do I get a spot on the Web?
Looking for a place to put your website? Need email? We offer FTP hosted services for web and email. Need some help creating a website? We've got you covered.
MalWare/Virus removal?
If you are having problems with slow computers, or finding yourself on the wrong website when you know you clicked on the right one, you may have picked up a virus. Occassionally even the best anti-virus software gets fooled. And if you are on a network, are you sure that all your machines are covered? If you are having problems, either with slow network or, computer issues, give us a call, before that simple annoyance turns into a costly problem.
What phone systems do you work on?
Whether you are looking for a new or used phone system, we can offer you a good selection to choose from. We sell and service Altigen, Asterisk, Avaya, Digium, Elastix, NEC, Polycom, Switchvox, and 3Com NBX. We also service Vodavi, StarPlus, ComDial, Panasonic, Lucent, AT&T. And when buying refurbished systems, you can save 50-70% over buying new.
What is Voice over IP (VoIP)?
VOIP stands for voice over internet protocol. Save money by using this technology in your busineess today.
Phone bills too high?
Contact us for a rate quote on affordable carrier services. Whether you need traditional phones, or VOIP, we can save you money.
What type of cable is right for me?
With so many different types of cable, it may be difficult to know which kind you need. Each job is unique, but generally, if you are dealing with computer networks, we recommend Cat5e or Cat6. You may also be interested in ethernet. Phone lines generally require CAT3, CAT5e, or, more rarely, CAT6. The same can be used with data systems, although fiber optic may be a better choice. For video or video surveillance, coaxial cable is a good choice. Still not sure? Call us. We can analyse your cabling needs, and help you decide.
Do you install alarm systems?
No, installing alarm systems requires specialized licensing. However, we highly recommend our good friends at Weber Security. Tell them we sent you.
How can Managed IT save me money?
Managed IT makes good financial sense for small and medium sized businesses who cannot afford their own full time IT department. We are available when you need us, and only when you need us. With our remote service, we can often have your problem solved without the need for an on-site service call. And with our monitoring service, we are notified of some problems before they occur, saving you even more in costly downtime.
Which Systems do you support?
We can work on many of the most popular systems, including all Windows Servers, VMWare, Novell, and Linux. We deal with HP, Dell, SuperMicro, Advantech, and PowerSpec. Don't see your system listed. Call us anyway, chances are we can handle it, or refer you to someone we trust.
Which carrier service is best?
We represent many different carriers. Which one is best for you depends on your personal business needs. Whether you need high speed connection or dedicated bandwidth, we will help you find the best service for your budget. Some of our most popular carriers include: 123Net, Cavalier, Patech, Windstream, Broadvox, and Global Phone.
We have more than one location. Can you help us stay connected?
Multiple locations can be connected via Metro Ethernet or VPN. This will provide direct communication, so you can stay in contact with all parts of your company.
We were told we needed a POTS line. What's that?
Here is a great example of technical terminology gone wrong. POTS stands for plain old telephone service. You may need a POTS line for your fax, alarm or older phone system.
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